First little blocks done

Despite hot humid weather and fabric that needed a good press before I could get to cutting I have made a start on Grand Illusion Part 1. As I already had the recommended Easy Angle ruler this is what I am using to make the pairs of aqua and pink triangles.


Will continue to make these pretty squares until the first strips that I’ve cut run out, which will be far fewer than the 280 that Bonnie stipulates. Guess I can always do more later if I decide to make the big version of the mystery quilt. Cutting off the “ears” is really easy with the Bloc_ Loc ruler I bought early this year. Yet another simple idea that makes tedious trimming a little quicker.




Fortunately I have lots of black left over from my Red Delicious quilt so there will be no problem getting the 100 squares and I am quite happy with the yellow so will stick with this as a constant.



Linking up with the  Grand Illusion mystery here


4 responses to “First little blocks done

  1. How fun to see a familiar name in the list for Bonnie’s link-up!

    You do have some pretty squares there.

  2. You have some great teal scraps. Even as simple as the blocks are, those HSTs still take some time. Enjoy the process.

  3. Love the pink and aqua combination you show, great prints!

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