Testing testing

Of Bonnie’s three methods for the Part 2 diamonds I decided to give the zero waste diamond template glued to the Easy Angle ruler a go thinking if that failed I could still use the 2.5″ strips for the flip and sew. I triple checked everything and despite my diamond sides being 2″ x 2 3/4″ my maths told me this was ok.


Once seam allowances were added and attached to the ruler it was looking good so some test pieces were cut. Not easy cutting the black and pink with the paper in the way. If this works I’ll be cutting all the diamonds then ripping the template off!


As you can see there was no way I was getting the orientation of the diamond wrong with Bonnie’s sample right at the machine. It was like having the teacher leaning over my shoulder just making sure.

IMG_0181Success! Perfectly sized rectangles. Time to get cutting.





One response to “Testing testing

  1. I’ve made a test block today too. I worked out the dimensions in cms of the diamond I needed, but I haven’t made a template. I just cut it with the rulers. It worked for the sample block, so this afternoon I’m making more.

    I did cut my first diamond the wrong way – didn’t realise I had the fabric face- down until I came to sew the triangles to it. I need more light in this sewing area.

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