Sparkling Diamonds

I tried to mix up my pink triangles and neutral diamonds so there were not too many the same. String piecing is of course the best way to do these and by late Tuesday afternoon all 200+ were done.


A few more is my insurance against disaster, much easier to make some extra than unpick a wonky seam. I get a bit paranoid about my bobbin running out at about this stage in a project. There is nothing more frustrating than gathering up a pile of what should be perfectly pieced squares only to find they are still independent triangles because the bobbin ran out 5 minutes earlier and I hadn’t noticed.


On Wednesday, after a delicious end of year shared lunch with one of my quilting groups I got on with the black triangles.


Again I have tried to avoid repeat combinations of fabrics. As there are 8 pinks, 9 neutrals and 5 blacks I figure 360 unique sets but I cut only one strip from some of the fabrics so it will be hard to avoid repetition. I don’t mind if it ends up that  two are the same, remember no unpicking.

Finally just before the Part 3 release on Friday I have all my diamonds ready for trimming and sewing into pairs. Looking forward to a simpler week.









One response to “Sparkling Diamonds

  1. Yum, that looks like quite a spread at your Wednesday meeting!

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