Three legged Dragon

First of my family presents is finished. Everyone no matter their age is getting a dragon. This has more than a little to do with Sims Freeplay (happy 3rd birthday for today)

This fine fellow took a bit longer than expected to produce after cat Tomkins stole an almost completed leg overnight. Said cat loves to play fetch with small fluffy craft balls and must have thought the stuffed leg complete with thread and needle was just another toy for him. I found the needle on the floor but no sign of the stolen appendage. The only place I haven’t looked is under the fridge, a lot of cat toys end up there but it is a pain to get them out.

I am making another three of these very relaxed dragons and hopefully will have enough leftovers to make one for myself.


Pattern and beautiful hand dyed wool felt “dragon skins” come from Winterwood.

UPDATE: Here is the celebratory cake at FireMonkeys Studios.






One response to “Three legged Dragon

  1. Beautiful dragon! Glad you had enough felt to make him another leg.

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