Cool Cats

As you can see from previous posts I took most of last week to get GIMQ Pt 2 done because of the dragons I need to finish very soon. Then the weather was a bit hot for lots of fabric pressing over the weekend so even though Part 3 is straight forward I only just got started today.

Some of my greens are a bit on the dull side so I am using this one fabric as my neutral. It’s been in my stash for a few years and hopefully these funky felines will brighten up this part. The Shape Cut makes cutting multiple 2″ strips easy.

Tomkins who likes to keep an eye on everything put his seal of approval on my fabric choices. I found I had to concentrate to keep the piecing sequence correct and his interference didn’t help, but it is one of his favourite vantage points, particularly when the neighbour’s cats are visiting the garden.

It has been really interesting checking out everyone’s layout ideas in the Monday Link-Up. I am guessing those black squares in the corners will take on a feature role.



3 responses to “Cool Cats

  1. I’m glad Tomkins approves!

  2. Darlene Contadino

    Love your fabric. Maybe clue 4 will have us putting things together?

  3. Love,Love,Love your funky cats neutral- has a pop!

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