Sew Organised

Part 4 of Bonnie’s Hunter’s Winter Mystery is nearly done, the challenge this time was to make sure the orientation of both sets of broken dishes blocks was correct. I also wanted to make sure my fabrics were well and truly mixed and evenly distributed between the two sets of blocks. Part way through you can see I have the half square triangle blocks arranged for picking, an array of pairs on my large ruler ready for transfer to the machine, some completed blocks of both types and pressing of a pieced string ready. I find all of Bonnie’s tips for putting blocks together really useful, some great time savers and checks for avoiding mistakes.


While I was working on this clue on the weekend all I could hear was the sound of fire sirens. First far away then a bit closer then off in the distance again. This went on for hours.  Now as we are well into Summer in Victoria and I live in a bushfire area this could be worrying, but not on the last Sunday before Christmas. Every year the CFA (Country Fire Authority) volunteers escort a special guest dressed most inappropriately for the weather along every road and street in the district so he can distribute very salty cheese flavoured snacks to children. It is a great tradition, my adult children have been known when feeling nostalgic to schedule a visit just in time to give the truck a wave. It’s also a timely reminder of the work the CFA does in protecting lives and property all year round.

Coincidently all the Grand Illusion colours are in this picture I took of Santa coming down my street.

Lot’s of quilters are keeping up with this mystery, you can see their progress at this link-up.


2 responses to “Sew Organised

  1. Good job getting a photo with all the mystery colours! Santa is visiting Ocean Grove with the CFA tomorrow – we were joking that they have to escort him around because he is really a pyromaniac.

  2. what a fabulous tradition! Wishing you safety in the ‘fire season’ and a very Merry Christmas.

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