Final Assembly

2796 pieces make up the full size Grand Illusion top. The units from clues 1 , 2 and 5 become the blocks. Chain piecing ensured the units were in the right spot with the correct orientation. I laid out all 25 blocks before any assembly to make sure there was an even distribution of the scraps. Every surface horizontal and vertical in my sewing room was needed for this exercise.
Once the blocks were together they could fit on my wall for final placement decisions.

Sashings and green cornerstones added. This took a little longer than expected as I was missing 20 sashing units. These had to be made up from leftovers.

My sewing table was a  bit in the way on the right – it is a big quilt.

Rows stacked ready for chaining. Bobbin is full so all systems go for the finish.





2 responses to “Final Assembly

  1. Does that piece count include the borders? It’s a lot of pieces, either way! When putting together the top, do you sew your blocks together into a web, or piece rows (or columns) separately?

    • Yes, all borders included. My borders are still not on. I made a net of each block then finished them. They then went into a big net of the whole top. Not comfortable to sew on a hot day, better at night.

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