Asbestos removal

Work starts today. Paul from SOS Shower Repair is doing the job and organising all the trades. He has run through my designs and is confident all will work. I in turn have ordered all the fixtures and fittings and they arrive tomorrow. So far so good.

My house was built in 1980 so the cement sheeting behind the tiles contains asbestos. Roger and Brandon arrived first thing this morning to taking it out following mandated procedures.

asbestos crew

I had to leave so no idea what they actually did, except that not a trace of dust was left when I returned and all tiles and sheeting were gone.

wall exposedunder bath exposed

Timbers so far appear to be ok, they passed cat inspection. An unused switch provision appeared on the wall next to the bath. Looking at the plans it seems that a heater was to go on the wall when they were drawn, so the electrician put in the wiring.

mystery switch


2 responses to “Asbestos removal

  1. Glad the work passed cat inspection!

    It’s interesting the things you find when you start pulling stuff apart. An unused power cable is a lot nicer than rotten timbers.

  2. yes, but they were found today.

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