Demolition day


Paul arrived with Hans at 8.00 to demolish the bathroom and laundry. The basin and bath were quickly dispatched but the vanity unit and various taps proved to be a bit stubborn. Testament to the builder and Raymor T series taps I guess.

old vanity old taps

All timber in the bathroom walls and floors was found to be sound. Not so in the laundry. The floor was quite rotten under the trough, but not so bad as to cause any major problems.

rotten floor

Mid-morning the ute arrived with most of the fittings from Mitcham Plumbing Supplies. Quick furniture shuffle made enough room for this big  stash in the family room.

plumbing supplies

Final job for the day was to decide on the height of the mirrored cabinet over the sink.

wall planning



2 responses to “Demolition day

  1. When it is all finished it will look fantastic. Will follow it’s progression with eagerness.

  2. It’s fun watching someone else’s building project, without having to live through it!

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