Day 4

Full house today with both first fix of electrical and plumbing plus framing out for the wall cabinet and the bath niche. Trades took turns to not be in the bathroom and do stuff in the laundry to make it all work.

plumbing first fix

While the shower, wall mixer and bath spout pipes went in on this wall, the  framing for the inset cabinet was built into the wall to the left and the wiring for the washing machine was being moved in the laundry. Then everyone rotated clockwise and worked in their next area.

Unlike a new build both Kevin the electrician and Adrian the plumber had to first deal with the existing pipes and cables. This threw up a few problems, but all was solved by early afternoon.

As a result I ended up with two new double powerpoints in the kitchen to compensate for one that had to come out. The bathroom and kitchen are back to back and it turns out that a new point going into the bathroom was just near a point in the kitchen that was not to code, too close to the sink. To get a sign off on the job, it had to go.

new power


First peek at the vanity.




One response to “Day 4

  1. Ooh, nice-looking vanity!

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