New bathroom in one week

Despite what you may have been lead to believe by (un)reality television, this is as far as you can get in one week, assuming most of the planning is done and all fittings are on site.

Plumbing for vanity relocated, waste reconfigured for wall hung vanity, vent pipe angled around niche for cabinet. Wiring for power point, towel rail and lighting. Niche made, walls prepped for sheeting.

vanity prep

Bath frame built, niche made, bath installed on mortar base, plumbing relocated and configured for mixer with diverter.

bath in

Laundry taps repositioned for new sink, washing machine taps relocated into cupboard space, wiring also ready for powerpoint inside cupboard. Floors are also ready for sheeting.

laundry prep

Not bad for five days! Next week wall lining goes back on and waterproofing.



One response to “New bathroom in one week

  1. That looks like pretty good progress to me!

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