Walls are back on

Monday and Tuesday were busy days with lots of cutting, hammering and the ratcheting of a powered screwdriver. Fortunately today was very quiet as Paul was away on family business. You can now see the bath niche quite clearly, it is centred to the wall not the bath and serves the shower to the left as well. The mess at the bottom of the bath is just a cloth drop sheet to protect it.


Most of the floor is sheeted too, just the tricky angles in the laundry to do. Next comes the waterproofing, a new requirement since the house was built and should prevent future water damage.

packed up

I am very lucky to have the neatest tradesperson doing this job, everything is left tidy at the end of each day, all offcuts are in the trailer in the carport and all dust is vacuumed up. The big black thing on the laundry floor is rolled up rubber matting that is put down on the thoroughfare to the outside to prevent floor damage in the family room.


One response to “Walls are back on

  1. Lots of progress!

    I hadn’t seen waterproofing done until seeing the builder do it in this house. Seems like a sensible precaution to take, given the damage leaks can cause.

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