Tiling a floor

Very exciting to see the floor tiles go down today. First job this morning was working out where they would start from. The obvious place is the bath and to avoid a very skinny piece at one wall they have been moved to the right a lot. With so many walls and doorways it was quite a puzzle working out a starting position that would look good and avoid the need for small pieces. In the end there will be one at the doorway between the laundry and bathroom, one at the end of the shower wall  and a slim row behind the washing machine. Not too bad at all considering the space to be covered.

The floor colour here looks mushroom, but it is a lot more grey.

Floor tiles

Because of the angles in this house when entering the bathroom from the hall the tile setting looks square. But going into the laundry they are on point. You can see that the floorboards do the opposite.

After tiling comes the grouting so I had to choose the colour today. Really hard to pick between light or dark. Final choice is Charred Ash which means the grout lines will be obvious, but not overpowering. Not quite as dark as weathered wood.


One response to “Tiling a floor

  1. It is exciting to see it coming together.

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