Bath border

The new bath is shorter but a little bit wider than the old one, so just fitted into the existing space. The side of the old bath  met the wall just at the architrave of the door to the laundry. If you ignore the frame on the long side of the new bath you can see how close it is.

bath corner 1

Instead of installing it with the side going straight down from the rim I wanted a substantial flat edge, so it really is an inset bath. This also gives a good sitting and putting things on place. The problem is the doorway.

bath corner 2

My new wide ledge takes the side of the bath across the opening but not so much as to block it. Solution is to angle the corner, but from where and at what angle and what happens where the angle meets the end bath border. The house has a lot of angles, all 45 degrees which would not work if taken from the corner of the bath because the two borders are a different width. It was a bit like figuring out a mitre on a quilt border but harder as the final tile placement and grout lines had to be considered.

bath corner 3

Brilliant tiler solved it all by fitting a whole tile over the corner with very skilled cutting.


The grout line on the top does match up with the one on the floor,it’s just distorted by the angle of the photo on the left. Tomkins is looking for the door that is temporarily absent from its cavity.



One response to “Bath border

  1. Nice solution to a tricky spot.

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