Mosaic tiling

I could not find the tile I wanted for a simple pattern on the wall despite visiting all the tile outlets within a 10k range. The perfect tile was a micro subway in black, but it comes on the sheet in a traditional brick layout.

subway micro

Encouraged by Emma at National Tiles in Mitcham, I took a sample home and played with peeling the tiles of the backing and resetting them. It worked. So my contribution to this renovation is preparing sheets of mosaic tiles. Not that hard at all.


subways realigned

Getting the first row in place under the niche was not easy, most tiles stayed on the backing, and most were properly aligned.

first row of feature tile

I am very pleased with the look so far, the grouting is to be white which will emphasise the zipper look.

feature tiles



One response to “Mosaic tiling

  1. That’s interesting! I wondered if you could do something like that but couldn’t even find square mosaic tiles in the colours I wanted to use, so never tried.

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