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Day 4

Full house today with both first fix of electrical and plumbing plus framing out for the wall cabinet and the bath niche. Trades took turns to not be in the bathroom and do stuff in the laundry to make it all work.

plumbing first fix

While the shower, wall mixer and bath spout pipes went in on this wall, the  framing for the inset cabinet was built into the wall to the left and the wiring for the washing machine was being moved in the laundry. Then everyone rotated clockwise and worked in their next area.

Unlike a new build both Kevin the electrician and Adrian the plumber had to first deal with the existing pipes and cables. This threw up a few problems, but all was solved by early afternoon.

As a result I ended up with two new double powerpoints in the kitchen to compensate for one that had to come out. The bathroom and kitchen are back to back and it turns out that a new point going into the bathroom was just near a point in the kitchen that was not to code, too close to the sink. To get a sign off on the job, it had to go.

new power


First peek at the vanity.




Filling a hole

Next to the rotten timber is a concrete pad built a long time ago to prevent a big top loading washing machine from shaking the whole house. This meant that there was a weak spot and water has got in and done some damage.

rotten floor

Today the decay in the laundry floor was cut out.

FullSizeRender 61


FullSizeRender 63

And the floor sealed then levelled to prevent any future problems at the join between the timber floor and the concrete pad.

FullSizeRender 62

The self levelling compound went off a lot faster than expected, so a quick levelling was needed to take of the excess.

FullSizeRender 66

A perfectly level floor is now ready for sheeting.

FullSizeRender 64

Cat escape

Tomkins has to stay inside from late afternoon until morning. He is not altogether happy with this and is always on watch for an open door. Last night I went into the bathroom to do a final check on vanity height and wall cabinet placement. Before I knew it Tomkins disappeared down the hole next to the bath waste pipe. After lots of calling, cajoling and tempting with shiny things he came back up. It all happened too fast for a photo, but he was happy to reenact his escapade for the camera this morning.

a way outdown the holeback again


Demolition day


Paul arrived with Hans at 8.00 to demolish the bathroom and laundry. The basin and bath were quickly dispatched but the vanity unit and various taps proved to be a bit stubborn. Testament to the builder and Raymor T series taps I guess.

old vanity old taps

All timber in the bathroom walls and floors was found to be sound. Not so in the laundry. The floor was quite rotten under the trough, but not so bad as to cause any major problems.

rotten floor

Mid-morning the ute arrived with most of the fittings from Mitcham Plumbing Supplies. Quick furniture shuffle made enough room for this big  stash in the family room.

plumbing supplies

Final job for the day was to decide on the height of the mirrored cabinet over the sink.

wall planning


Asbestos removal

Work starts today. Paul from SOS Shower Repair is doing the job and organising all the trades. He has run through my designs and is confident all will work. I in turn have ordered all the fixtures and fittings and they arrive tomorrow. So far so good.

My house was built in 1980 so the cement sheeting behind the tiles contains asbestos. Roger and Brandon arrived first thing this morning to taking it out following mandated procedures.

asbestos crew

I had to leave so no idea what they actually did, except that not a trace of dust was left when I returned and all tiles and sheeting were gone.

wall exposedunder bath exposed

Timbers so far appear to be ok, they passed cat inspection. An unused switch provision appeared on the wall next to the bath. Looking at the plans it seems that a heater was to go on the wall when they were drawn, so the electrician put in the wiring.

mystery switch

Tile delivery

Pick up actually as delivery charge is exorbitant. The floor and wall tiles weigh 500kg so two cars are needed. Rachel came to the rescue on a busy Saturday and we managed to distribute the weight so neither Renault suffered, not the same could be said for our arms and legs.

clio megane

After many trips from the carport all the tiles were inside by the end of the weekend.


Clear out done

Cupboards contained an old iron, much shoe polish, unidentifiable bits kept because they must have been thought useful, rubber ducks, curling irons and many half used tubes of all sorts of potions.

With everything gone, mainly in the bin, the bathroom and laundry are ready for the makeover.