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First 3 steps

It is very hot, too hot for machine sewing with an iron on and it is only just past midday. At least there is no wind.

FullSizeRender 145

I have made only a few units for each step of the Allietare mystery published so far. If it  cools down tonight I should get samples of the remaining two steps done.

step 1

step 1

step 2

step 2

step 3

step 3

For the remainder of the day I am heading across town to feed my son’s cat and then to a movie. The official fireworks at midnight are scheduled to go ahead. I do hope the people around here who set of illegal ones each New Year have paid attention to the warnings about the danger of fire with everything so dry.

I am sharing this post on Quiltville’s Mystery Monday Link-up Part 5 where you can see the progress of the many other quilters having fun with this mystery.



Catching up with the mystery

I am a very slow starter for this year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that she has called Allietare. My excuse is lack of access to my sewing room due to the large bathroom renovation project now complete.

Like most of Bonnie’s mysteries it is very big and I will not be making the full size quilt this year. Instead I am making some blocks, more for the fun of the mystery and will then see what happens.

First step is to choose colours. It is a scrappy quilt but there is one constant – so that was my starting point. I also decided to not use neutrals but to have colour in that position. My constant is an aqua-blue that I am happy to get rid of, and the neutrals are chartreuse or thereabouts. Using the Joen Wolfrom colour tool and playing with split complementaries, I decided on orange-red and blue-violet for the other colours. My fifth is also orange-red, but a tint to keep the necessary contrast. I actually just pulled all my dirty pinks as they fit this brief.

color tool

This is how I have switched the colours from Bonnie’s.
Constant Grey = Aqua-Blue; Gold = Orange-Red; Red = Orange-Red tint; Black = Blue-Violet; Neutrals = Chatreuse tint.

I have labelled my fabric piles with the letters C, G, R, B and N so I can follow the instructions but avoid the Stroop effect and get confused with wrong colours.

labelled colours

Cutting comes next. After reading through the first five instalments of the mystery it seemed lots of 2″ strips were needed, so I set too and cut lots of these, plus the rectangles needed for the matched units.


My progress so far.

Finally finished

I started painting the two bathrooms on Monday and did the last coat upstairs this morning. I must be the world’s slowest painter, but I do make sure the paint only goes on the walls.

ready to paint

So here are the before and after shots.

Bathroom and Laundry

and a few more finished shots showing how much more spacious everything looks.

bath finished

Upstairs bathroom, before and after,

and the shower and the view from the shower into the bedroom and beyond. I will now have to paint this room as it is looking  a little shabby…

but before that it is time to get on with some sewing.

Thankyou for your interest in this project. Merry Christmas.


A tale of two toilets and some taps

Adrian was originally scheduled to do the final plumbing yesterday, a reasonably warm day, but instead he came today when the outside temperature reached 40+ and it was not much less than that working upstairs.

final fitting

Choosing a toilet is a lot more complicated than you might think, there is a huge range of styles and brands on the market. A ‘back to the wall’ ceramic was what I went looking for, and like all the other fittings and fixtures preferably locally made. I didn’t want to have to clean around the pipes at the back of a toilet ever again.

I was shown this slim unit which had a feature, unique in my price range, no rim. If it worked it would mean no more cleaning under the rim, another bugbear of mine. So I hit the net, watched U-tube videos and became convinced that this is the future of flushing. I was really surprised to see where it is made.

Then in a bathroom renovation conversation the issue of the distance between the pan and the door came up. It had never occurred to me that this unit, being longer than the existing toilet, may not fit downstairs. I tried to measure it out, it seemed really close. No point having the ideal toilet if the door won’t open, or it is a bit of a squeeze to get in the room. The solution was to order one of my preferred units and have a backup more compact choice for downstairs if it was too long. In the end it all worked out well, 45mm clearance when the door is 3/4 open was as close as it got. So I do have two easy clean  and very stylish toilets.

Despite the heat, the shower and mixers also went in upstairs, the basin and shower wastes connected and the taps properly fitted in the laundry.


So the job is now done. Thanks to Paul of SOS Shower Repairs and his team  who are all very proud of the work they have done.

With the family room clear of boxes of bathroom fittings, the displaced furniture was taken out of the lounge making room for my Christmas Tree. It is a Twelve Days of Christmas quilt made in 2010 from an Esther Aliu pattern.




Christmas quilt

Once I have finished the painting, perhaps on the two cooler days forecast for early next week, I will post the before and after shots.



Not quite there yet

Plumbing didn’t happen today as planned, job scheduling was changed at the last moment so I have to wait until tomorrow for this last task to be complete.

Once it is all done I will be able to get to use my sewing room again. It has been under wraps while the work has been going on upstairs because of all the sawdust and bits of plaster falling down from above. The ceiling is the floorboards of the room above.

I’ve also had to move furniture to give access to the plumbing from below. shower drain


The shower drain has to be connected to the sewer pipe with a trap, there is only just enough space thanks to the moving of the joist. Once this is done the boards will go back up closing off the bulkhead.

I’m sure the job will be done perfectly so there is no risk of a shower coming down on my fabric.




Penultimate day

There is very little work to be done and Adrian the plumber is due at midday on Thursday to do the final connections.

The vanity went in upstairs, it is also wall hung but with a shelf under the drawer. I’m very happy with the colour and pattern of the veneer I chose based on a very small chip. It works very well with the floor tiles.


Other small items such as the shelf in the shower, and toilet roll holder went in, and the tiles above the basin. There are just four whole white tiles left over.

vanity top

The dominate shapes up here are squares and curves. I love the way the shower door tracks when open.



The great bathroom renovation is almost finished and with extremely hot weather forecast for the end of the week I thought I should make a start on the painting. The laundry seemed like a good room to get done first, but the walls needed a lot of cleaning and cutting in seemed to take forever due to the large number of doors (3) and many objects on the ceiling.

The doors themselves will have to wait as I have no idea what colour to paint them and taking them off and then re-hanging is not a small task.

At this rate the upstairs is unlikely to be painted before the new year, unless we get quite a cold spell.