Demolition day 2

Now that the main bathroom is nearly finished, it is time to start upstairs. So first the before shots.

Only real problem is the flooring which is lifting at the seam, but why have one brand new bathroom and the other dating from the 1980’s.

After everything has come out and plaster removed where new wet check has to go in, it was good to see absolutely no sign of any damaging water leaks. The floor is polished because this bathroom was built after living in the house for a few years, so this used to be part of the bedroom.

Behind the shower is part of a large attic space which is full of my adult children’s possessions dating back to well before primary school. Might be some of my stuff too.

FullSizeRender 89

This is too good an opportunity to get easy access, so the cleanup will happen tonight.







FullSizeRender 92 Finally a sneak peak at the tiling downstairs with grouting finished, just the caulking in the corner to be completed.


One response to “Demolition day 2

  1. Tackling the attic space looks like a big job.

    The tiles look good with their grout!

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