Plumbing problems

The waste for the shower base upstairs is in the corner rather than centre back like the old one. At the end of demolition day it was obvious that this is a problem. The waste pipe was going to sit directly over a floor joist.

Paul cut out the flooring to get a good look at the situation, and after a lot of consultation with Adrian the plumber they figured that the joist could be moved to the left, and the main pipe moved to the right. This involved taking out a section of the old pipe and resetting it then making a bend to rejoin the original. Thank goodness we had cleared the attic last night.

The end result gives just enough room for the waste and trap and the upstairs toilet was working again by the time I got home. Another reason I am very happy I found a really competent and creative person to do this job.

problem solved

You can see the offending joist now skewing off to the left. Because it was close to the wall there is no problem with the slightly wider span. You might think is rather fine timber to be hidden under the floor. It is oregon. The floor upstairs is the ceiling for the room below which has exposed beams. A bulkhead was made to contain the plumbing when the bathroom was installed.


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