Planned or just good luck

The screen for the shower over the bath is quite beautiful, particularly when compared with the very ugly wire mesh impregnated one that served on the old bath before I ripped it out in disgust.

Its best feature is that it pivots 180 degrees, necessary for accessing the mixer and diverter.

screen pivot

But look what happens when it is folded right back. It just comes to the edge of the wall. Perfect.

FullSizeRender 104

Pure luck, because I did not know the dimension of the fixing bar and therefor the pivot point. Paul the tiler was quite excited too when he discovered the perfection, and also claims no credit. He is going to find a little bumper to make sure it does not hit the wall hard.

Finally a laundry update, it is now looking a bit more like a laundry, and the cupboard is already getting use.

FullSizeRender 103


2 responses to “Planned or just good luck

  1. Excellent! No-one needs to know that it wasn’t planned to the millimetre.

  2. The shower door was certainly a lucky break

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