How many electricians…

does it take to install a light fitting?electricians

Kevin and Matt did all the electrical work today, installing fittings downstairs and rerouting wires and final installation upstairs. Paul, whose arms are just in shot, mainly supervised, although he did do a lot of little finishing off things downstairs like cupboard handles and wall patching.

It was a very muggy day, but having no power had no real impact as I don’t have air conditioning. Spent most of the time outside reading until called to make yet another decision. how high? how long? how far from? new light switch?

The end result is I now have new lights, heated towel rails, powerpoints in all the right places and even new bedroom light fittings installed. In addition the old bathroom lights from upstairs are now in the toilet and laundry downstairs as they were perfectly ok.

cabinet light Down stairs is very close to finished. The wall behind the towel rail is the final paint colour, I got this done on the weekend as I knew it would be very fiddly to do later. Of course with the lighting it looks totally different. It is actually a white with a slight green grey look.

Upstairs will be a bit more difficult as everything is installed even before the walls are prepped. But it saves having all those electricians out again.


One response to “How many electricians…

  1. Looking good. Your first shower in the new bathroom is not far away.

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