Progress upstairs

You may recall that my cat Tomkins enjoys exploring new openings and spaces. With the plaster gone from some of the wall in the upstairs bathroom he has found the attic very tempting. After a day out yesterday  I came home to find plaster board had closed the hole and no Tomkins in sight.

My mind went to a tale of horror  from my childhood of a hapless riveter and his boy walled up between the inner and outer skin of a double hulled iron ship futilely banging in the noisy shipyard only to be found as skeletons decades later. Fortunately Tomkins then turned up, and even if he had been in the attic there is a door and he would have been rescued.

The shower base was also installed, apparently on three bags of cement so it’s not going anywhere and the floor sheeting installed. Paul was determined that the floor will be rid of all squeaks, so before sheeting he double screwed each floorboard to the beams below. The floor squeaks everywhere else, but as he says, that is not his problem. Talcum powder is the fix if it is really annoying.

Today was spent waterproofing, with particular attention paid to the join   in the shower corner and where the base joins the wall. I am very happy with this as my sewing room is immediately below and I do not want my fabric flooded. The waterproofing compound is not on the wall as I am having a shower panel, not tiles, and it will only adhere to a non plastic surface.



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