Fitting the pieces of the puzzle

Tiling the upstairs floor might seem pretty straight forward; it is just the one room. However the walls are a smidgeon  out of square, it looks like a square but is not, and there is a curve in front of the shower and there were only five boxes of tiles left. So all the tiles were laid out before any cutting. A little tweaking was needed to make sure the tiles that make up the curve in front of the shower looked good. Where a tile had to be cut, the left over piece was a size suitable for the skirting thus avoiding waste.

tile puzzle

The end result is a well laid floor and just five floor tiles left over from the whole project. Not bad considering using the grey tiles for the splash back in the laundry was not part of the initial plan.


2 responses to “Fitting the pieces of the puzzle

  1. Only 5 tiles left over? That’s great!

  2. Someone did their maths right, 5 tiles over. The curve looks good.

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