Right tool for the job

wall props

The wall panel lining the upstairs shower has been glued in place and it isn’t going anywhere. I love the fact that for every step Paul has just the right tool, and all come out of his very well organised van. I prefer the panel to tiles because it is much easier to clean and this will be the most used shower. It has a fold at the corner so the only joint is where it meets the base. It looks grubby at the moment, that is just the protective cover.


A bit of tangential thinking and the corner prop is secure (excuse the pun).

The mirrored cabinet also went in today. Both this and the downstairs one have a lift tilt action, so setting it at the correct height was very important, no head banging in this bathroom. And yes it is bigger on the inside.

tilt door

The vanity has made it upstairs, and it has passed Tomkin’s inspection.

vanity carcass


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