A tale of two toilets and some taps

Adrian was originally scheduled to do the final plumbing yesterday, a reasonably warm day, but instead he came today when the outside temperature reached 40+ and it was not much less than that working upstairs.

final fitting

Choosing a toilet is a lot more complicated than you might think, there is a huge range of styles and brands on the market. A ‘back to the wall’ ceramic was what I went looking for, and like all the other fittings and fixtures preferably locally made. I didn’t want to have to clean around the pipes at the back of a toilet ever again.

I was shown this slim unit which had a feature, unique in my price range, no rim. If it worked it would mean no more cleaning under the rim, another bugbear of mine. So I hit the net, watched U-tube videos and became convinced that this is the future of flushing. I was really surprised to see where it is made.

Then in a bathroom renovation conversation the issue of the distance between the pan and the door came up. It had never occurred to me that this unit, being longer than the existing toilet, may not fit downstairs. I tried to measure it out, it seemed really close. No point having the ideal toilet if the door won’t open, or it is a bit of a squeeze to get in the room. The solution was to order one of my preferred units and have a backup more compact choice for downstairs if it was too long. In the end it all worked out well, 45mm clearance when the door is 3/4 open was as close as it got. So I do have two easy clean  and very stylish toilets.

Despite the heat, the shower and mixers also went in upstairs, the basin and shower wastes connected and the taps properly fitted in the laundry.


So the job is now done. Thanks to Paul of SOS Shower Repairs and his team  who are all very proud of the work they have done.

With the family room clear of boxes of bathroom fittings, the displaced furniture was taken out of the lounge making room for my Christmas Tree. It is a Twelve Days of Christmas quilt made in 2010 from an Esther Aliu pattern.




Christmas quilt

Once I have finished the painting, perhaps on the two cooler days forecast for early next week, I will post the before and after shots.




2 responses to “A tale of two toilets and some taps

  1. Fascinated by your research. I will be really interested to know how well the easy clean toilets work.

  2. Joy V from Aust

    At last, now you can enjoy your Christmas. Love reading the the whole story of your renovation. Merry Christmas.

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