Catching up with the mystery

I am a very slow starter for this year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that she has called Allietare. My excuse is lack of access to my sewing room due to the large bathroom renovation project now complete.

Like most of Bonnie’s mysteries it is very big and I will not be making the full size quilt this year. Instead I am making some blocks, more for the fun of the mystery and will then see what happens.

First step is to choose colours. It is a scrappy quilt but there is one constant – so that was my starting point. I also decided to not use neutrals but to have colour in that position. My constant is an aqua-blue that I am happy to get rid of, and the neutrals are chartreuse or thereabouts. Using the Joen Wolfrom colour tool and playing with split complementaries, I decided on orange-red and blue-violet for the other colours. My fifth is also orange-red, but a tint to keep the necessary contrast. I actually just pulled all my dirty pinks as they fit this brief.

color tool

This is how I have switched the colours from Bonnie’s.
Constant Grey = Aqua-Blue; Gold = Orange-Red; Red = Orange-Red tint; Black = Blue-Violet; Neutrals = Chatreuse tint.

I have labelled my fabric piles with the letters C, G, R, B and N so I can follow the instructions but avoid the Stroop effect and get confused with wrong colours.

labelled colours

Cutting comes next. After reading through the first five instalments of the mystery it seemed lots of 2″ strips were needed, so I set too and cut lots of these, plus the rectangles needed for the matched units.


My progress so far.


One thought on “Catching up with the mystery

  1. Chartreuse neutrals! That should be fun. Thanks for naming the Stroop Effect. I knew of it, just didn’t know the name. I have had to be careful with mine, as I am using grey, but it is not Bonnie’s constant grey, it is her black.

    Looking forward to comparing the different versions at the next CBD meeting!

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