Filling the bath

The weather has been very conducive to digging and other strenuous gardening activity and my bath is now part of the garden. I had to take out a section of the bank to ensure the bath sat level with the drain clear so excess water can get away. The far sides sits on a ledge cut into the bank and the near side is enclosed in stacked bricks. The bottom sits on rock and stones except for the drain. I found another frog, this time it was hiding in the frog of a brick – most appropriate. A fast mover so no photo.

Following the suggestion on the ABC Gardening Australia  website, I used polystyrene pieces to partially fill the tub, covered it with weed mat and then topped with some very nice compost from the nursery. I had a lovely time choosing some new plants as well while I was there.

The black box is a sump (waste water box) for some flowing water I will be installing. I had noticed the neighbours bees making a bee line for the water  that was lying in the bottom of the bath, so I will add a shallow pool for them. Not sure yet what that will look like, but I do have a small solar pump that will keep the water recirculating. When the sun finally came out I was able to test it. You can see the bubble coming up on the left side of the lid.

Wildlife to day is in the form of an Australian White Ibis I have been trying to get a good picture of for ages. I got close enough as he bent his head before taking off to the other side of the pond. He has been living in the reserve opposite for some time, but is wary of people. He will have a bit of a snoop around the place though; he was wandering along the garden path next door the other day when no one was in.


One response to “Filling the bath

  1. Looking forward to seeing the bath filled.

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