Succulent corner

soil in

This is where I was up to last night, all the soil in and a jade plant in a pot in place. The weather again interrupted garden plans, but this time in a good way. There was a thunder storm in the morning and rain continued off and on for most of the day. This is the rain radar at about 1.30pm. I am just above the centre line on the inner circle, therefore inside.weatherIn between showers all the new plants plus the ones salvaged before digging started went in. I am keeping most of the older succulents in their pots and a flying dragon I have had for a long time has finally found a home. I also put the solar panel for the water pump on a star picket. I had thought of getting it onto the roof but the cable isn’t long enough. At 5.00 the sun broke through and the pump got the water moving. I will have to wait for clear day to do the final adjustment.

This corner of the garden is now looking so much better as you come around the side of the house. I now have to patiently wait for the sedum to do their matting and the variegated Aptenia cordifolia to tumble over the sides. It also means the plants beside the steps up to the clothes line are looking a little shabby, and the verandah is still stacked with stuff that really should be thrown out. That is the trouble with improving one room or garden corner, it just highlights the next projects. As for the water feature, at the moment I have covered it with pretty tiles to keep the leaves out and wait for inspiration to strike.



2 responses to “Succulent corner

  1. Very nice! It will look lovely when all the plants grow up and fill it out.

  2. The way you have set it in the brick wall is lovely,

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