Sewing machine acquisition

The latest addition to my sewing machine stable is this little figural machine I picked up for not much more than the cost of a cup of coffee. Like most machines, I didn’t go looking for this one, but couldn’t resist his bizarre charm.

The Lovely Pony Sewing Machine is made in China, and is probably not that old. I found updated battery models were available online in 2008 with a lamb and an elephant in the range. My toy has been played with and has lost its spool pin, tension disc and needle. I doubt that it ever sewed, the feed dogs and looper are very flimsy.

While sewing machines in the shape of a seated lady or a lion were made in the very early days and are highly prized by collectors, I have not seen a figural toy before. There have been a few toys made in the shape of a sewing machine, but not many as it is a difficult form to adapt and probably not as familiar as a car or a train.

These are two that I have in my collection. The Sesame Street Baby Toy was made by Illco from 1988 to 1992 and the Vivid Imaginations’ Teeny Weeny Families added a sewing machine clothing boutique and house  to the range in 1995.


One response to “Sewing machine acquisition

  1. A sewing pony! Too cute.

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