Who’s been eating the flapjacks?

My newly planted tub of succulents has a mystery pest. Each morning I find that a hole has been chomped in another one of the leaves of the kalanchoe thyrsiflora. They are eaten from the centre out, not from the edges. Whatever it is has quite large mouth parts. I thought it might be a snail but no snail trails on the plant or nearby.


The only way to find out was to go out well after dark.

First I disturbed the ringtail possum that has been dining on my quinces. It quickly exited to watch from high in a nearby eucalyptus.

I then found an ant highway, several millipedes and one small snail heading towards the next juicy leaf of my precious succulent. Needless to say it didn’t stay long.

I also found which spider has taken to making its web on my clothesline. As I had suspected, garden orb weavers, two different variations side by side. Unfortunately I had inadvertently walked through the web of the larger one. This is a hazard I face every morning at this time of year, sometimes I spot the webs, but often I get a sticky facefull.


2 responses to “Who’s been eating the flapjacks?

  1. Quite a collection of wildlife – and their effects!

    Any snails I find are fed to the chooks immediately.

  2. Sneaky little pests.

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