Maldon and Castlemaine

I hadn’t been back to the Maldon Cemetery since my father’s burial in February last year. It is a really beautiful place in the shadow of The Rock of Ages just off the Cairn Curren Road.  The hill is strewn with granite boulders, with some very large ones at the top, a local viewing point. Graves date back to the gold rush and a few of my early forebears are also here. Some of the maintenance is done by the women from the prison on the other side of the road, I hope they find pleasure in working in this special environment.

My other reason for heading up the Calder Highway was to visit the second exhibition by the Threadbear Appliqué Group at the old Castlemaine Market Building. Not the sort of exhibition you can rush around despite the heat, as each quilt deserved close viewing. Only a few were hand quilted, perhaps all energy was spent on the hand appliqué. I learn a lot by viewing other people’s quilts; new ideas for layering elements, the effect of background pattern, colour and quilting, and appropriate choice of appliqué technique for the work.

It was also interesting to see the same pattern worked by two different quilters, especially as I am halfway through the first of these.


One response to “Maldon and Castlemaine

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the exhibition. There was obviously some beautiful work on display.

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