Easter bake off

It is probably a good idea to read through the whole of the recipe before launching into making a special cake. But all I did was check the ingredients – nothing too unusual and the picture – looked over the top but achievable.

First thing to go wrong was my minimalist red kitchen scales let me down –IMG_2570  the batteries needed replacing  and slim line scales means button batteries. No spares in the bottom drawer and this is on the only day of the year when all shops are shut.

Cake making needs correct measuring and I had to resort to my elegant but imperial Avery scales that have never been properly calibrated. This has to be combined with a conversion chart from a cook book published around the time metric measures were being introduced to home cooking. Not so bad but I miss the tare feature.

Then that not reading first came into play, cream the butter and sugar, fine, except that I realised too late it was not supposed to be all the sugar. Reading down I then had to sift things twice, beat egg whites to soft peaks, add stuff (that already used sugar) and beat again to firm and glossy peaks. You can guess what’s required next, gently folding so not to lose all the air. By this time I had used just about every bowl I own and washing up as I went was out the window.

However, the end result was much like the recipe picture sans food styling and mood lighting.

And the Easter Birthday afternoon tea was fabulous, son had made crispy chocolate an pistachio biscotti and daughter and grand daughter had baked very moorish hot cross buns. Yum!




2 responses to “Easter bake off

  1. Looks fantastic, you’d never guess there were problems along the way.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    Looks good to me, a lovely afternoon tea with family.

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