Getting in the door

For a number of years and for a number of reasons I have not been able to get through the door into the room where I think about, look for inspiration and plan my quilting. Not a case of quilters block; but literally blocked by bags and boxes of stuff from elsewhere. It has been just as hard to find fabric and thread as that storage area had become a bit of a dumping ground too.

After clearing out and appropriately disposing of the non quilting items, I did a bit of measuring and came up with a furniture arrangement that I thought would work better. A magazine cull was also well overdue, so the task I had set myself was getting bigger not smaller. My sewing machine collection is also largely in this space, so getting it organised meant moving a lot of cast iron. IMG_2560

Part way through I realised that a lot of shelf space had been taken up by my toy sewing machines so I treated myself to a display cabinet just for them. Flat pack assembly was added to the list of things to do. Always entertaining when there is a cat about!IMG_2562

Finally finished I turned to the fabric and rather than just put things away, embarked on a total revamp of that area too, meaning everything had to come out – into the room I had just finished organising so well.


But it is now all done, welcome to my inspiration space!

The wardrobe for this room backed on to the one for the adjacent room and occupied some of the understair space. I had previously taken off the doors and the divider to make a fabric, threads and notions storage cubby which also joins the two parts of my sewing room. A big roll of wadding is slung from the ceiling in here and the catalogue drawers hold all sorts of trimmings.


Looking back from the yet to be tidied room where my working machines, design wall and cutting table are located you can see right through to the garden where the new succulent tub attracts lots of birds.


5 responses to “Getting in the door

  1. It all looks wonderful! Well done. Looks like a very inviting space to spend time and be inspired.

  2. Just have to keep it that way now!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had your thread collection!

  4. I’m not using the machine embroidery threads so much at the moment, but they are lovely to look at.

  5. Jenni Strachan

    Isn’t it satisfying when you have a good cull and clean up. Lovely view from the window, great inspiration. Room looks great.

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