Some creatures from around the garden over the last few weeks.


After waiting patiently for many years my hybrid Eucalyptus Summer Red flowered for the first time, and the ants quickly took advantage of the nectar. It is a Eucalyptus ficifolia grafted onto Eucalyptus ptychocarpa rootstock to keep the plant small. I planted it next to the stairs so that the crown would be at eye level from the deck.


Three young Crimson Rosellas have been living in the area and they have enjoyed the splashing water in the garden. A rather poor photo of two of them through the window.


At first glance I thought there was a snippet of fabric on the kitchen floor but when I picked it up it was the most beautiful moth, unfortunately deceased. After searching the CSIRO website I learned that it is a Thalaina clara  from the Geometridae family, common name Clara’s satin moth. It has the most amazing sheen on the upper wings.


Finally this case moth has been living in a hardenbergia that grows next to the front stairs so I see it every day. From the size I assume it is Metura elogatus.  I have seen it on lots of different stems, with bits of new twig added and even with the top of the case open, but it has not shown its face. I know it moves about in the day time, just not when I am around. As I am spending a lot of time on data entry at the moment I have snipped of a stem and temporarily brought it inside , maybe it will peek out.

Just as I was writing this the stem trembled, the bottom of the case opened and the caterpillar deposited a black pellet on my desk. I hope this is not a comment on its new location!

Late addition:

Driving in after a quick shopping trip I saw this Children’s Stick Insect nymph on the leg of a plastic table in the carport. It must have been blown down in the recent wind. After checking it over for damage I found it a new home among some eucalyptus tips that are fortunately growing within reach. She blends in perfectly.


3 responses to “Wildlife

  1. Jenni Strachan

    Glorious shade of pink, your gum blossoms, love your beaded elephant.

  2. Kate Irving

    Love the garden post

  3. Lovely! That moth is beautiful. I’ve never seen one quite like it. And the case moth’s comment made me laugh.

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