Irene Blanck weekend

I’m taking a break from the planning and posting about the Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show to do a belated report on a workshop I attended at the end of April.

It was two days and I elected to do two different classes because I need more UFOs. I hadn’t planned on these becoming ongoing projects but I enjoyed them so much that I will be doing more when time permits.

The first day was needle turn appliqué using Irene’s method for transferring pattern to fabric and preparing for stitching. I wasn’t overly convinced with the tracing with a friction pen, but I loved her bias stem technique using starch and fabric glue. The pattern is Miz Kelly and one block is finished. I have been exploring using patterned backgrounds for appliqué for a while and went even further this time. I also restricted the colour palette to the triad of golden yellow, blue aqua and fuchsia. The Joen Wolfrom colour tool was invaluable in sorting out what fabrics to take to the class.miz kelly

Day two was clam shells. Again I restricted myself colourise, this time to neutral and earthy hand dyes and batiks. We were warned that they can be addictive and the method which avoids papers is really relaxing so I have already prepared a lot of clams ready to start stitching together.clamshells

The following week I cooked up some quinces from my local greengrocer ( none left on my tree again this year) and made some delicious quince jelly. It has to be the best coloured food!quince jelly


3 responses to “Irene Blanck weekend

  1. I love quince jelly. It looks and tastes wonderful. I still have a few jars from our old tree, but it could be quite a while until the tree here has any fruit.

  2. Kate Irving

    How can you need more UFOs. Wish I was in that position

  3. Jenni Strachan

    Interested to hear how you do your clam shells.

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