Socks and Roses

A quick update on my sewing etc. Another Morrell block finished – more roses.

IMG_3094I managed to knit my first ever pair of socks in much less time than it takes to decide an election. Started on 2 July ( Democracy Day) and finished on 5 July (counting resumes day). They are very chunky because I read in a beginner sock knitting book that it is an advantage to start in a heavy yarn so you can see the stitches and how the heel turn works, and there is also much less knitting. The book had US yarn sizes which make no sense.  I found some very old grey Totem amongst my mothers wool, searched online for a pattern and found a Paton’s one which was much the same as the beginner top down pattern in the book.

IMG_3095Great success, I may now try knitting toe up, a technique which appears to have many fans.

Back to Saturday, Democracy Sausage is now a thing, but the queue at my local school for this after voting treat was too long. I brought home a Democracy Maidenhair instead.

IMG_3088The sun has managed to break through gloom and set my ornamental pear on fire. It has sent up a lot of new branches after being snapped off just above the graft in high winds a year and a half ago.


3 responses to “Socks and Roses

  1. Kate Irving

    Maidenhair was a lovely Election day souvenir

  2. 8-ply socks should be cosy in this weather. Congratulations on getting them done so quickly.

    Your democracy maidenhair is beautiful. If we do have to have another election, I will look for a better polling booth, with good fund-raising activities!

  3. Jenni Strachan

    Beautiful fern and the colour is glorious. I have never tried knitting socks, must do it one day.

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