Beaconsfield Quilt Show

After breaking my personal rule of avoiding the Monash Freeway at all costs, I spent a lovely afternoon at the Beaconsfield Quilters Exhibition. They are a very friendly group, and I found a fellow scquilter among them.



This cute wall quilt was first painted using Derwent Intense pencils and then embroidered. A clever interpretation of a Smee Designs stitchery pattern.

With only 29 members they put on an impressive show, with lots of visitors and an abundance of shops. So many it was hard to avoid a few bits and pieces.


On the way home the freeway jammed up, fortunately I was near an exit ramp, so I went back to Berwick and took the winding foothills route home. Much more pleasant.



One response to “Beaconsfield Quilt Show

  1. Nice range of work on display.

    Traffic is not one of the things I miss about the city.

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