Magenta magic

Mystery , week 2: Hooray, I get to use my new rulers this week. Read through instructions, watched videos, read instructions again. Ok, ready to go. But wait, before anything else, fill a bobbin.

I’m using more than one magenta fabric, contrary to instructions, but my neutrals can take it I think, having left out the darker, busier ones. Decided not to pair as who knows where these units will sit in the final design. My test block is perfect, these rulers are wonderful. You can see the hidden panda is pleased.

After randomly adding small triangles to the neutral bases, 32 units finished. I am really happy how the greys look with the magenta. Magic!


The linkup for part two of Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence mystery is here.



5 responses to “Magenta magic

  1. Very pretty! The light grey/magenta combo does look great. Love the block arrangement, too!

  2. Jenni Strachan

    I agree, the light grey adds a magic touch to the magenta.

  3. Love that layout – I have not seen that before. Already I am thinking of my next quilt! I’ll never get to sleep at this rate! Janet in the UK (AKA Englishquilter)

  4. Wonderful! Beautiful fabric! Your magentas work great!

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