Violet, Lavender maybe Lilac

Mystery, week 3: Quelle horreur! The amount of neutral fabric needed has been underestimated! I will have to go shopping! Thank goodness my quilty friends had planned a lovely end of year lunch at a most delightful quilt shop on Saturday. You know the ones, they got to eat these friends shown at the bottom of the page.

It was easy to find dark and light greys, choosing was harder. Elephants are a must, the next two useful small patterns and Kate was buying the birds and bees print, so I had to have some too. Then in the remnant bin was a metre of green that might be just perfect for binding. It goes very well with the other greens I will be using.

This week’s step is a repeat of week 1, using dark and light purple instead of neutrals. I had collected quite a few of these together but was not altogether happy. It is a difficult colour to work with because it is very hard to distinguish between purple, violet, red violet and blue violet. After lots of playing around I decided that the bluest of the blue violets had to go. I whipped up more grey 4 patches and magenta triangles to get my new fabrics into the mix. Then used six dark and six light violet/lavender fabrics to make 90 units (this quilt is getting bigger). Felt a bit like a worker bee doing all that piecing and pressing.

I know most of you reading this post are shivering away, dreading what winter will bring; these next photos are to remind you it is summer here.

There is nothing nicer than sheets drying to a fresh white crisp in the summer sun. Summer also means the butterflies and bees are seeking out nectar rich flowers. My buddleja has just started flowering, isn’t it the most stunning rich red violet. The common brown  butterfly heteronympha merope is the most frequent visitor and I should be paid danger money for the photo of the bees.

Here are more intrepid quilters on the journey En Provence.


5 thoughts on “Violet, Lavender maybe Lilac

  1. The buddleja is beautiful! And those bees don’t look dangerous – too busy feasting on nectar.

    I had to laugh when you said your quilt was getting bigger. So is mine! I’ve upped my count from a third to a half. It’s hard to stop when you are having fun.

  2. You’re right — Chicagoland had the first big snow of the season Saturday night and Sunday. It was sunny today but the temperatures dropped. Your En Provence colours are delicious. Don’t overdo restocking at the quilt shop!

  3. darlene

    Love your colors. I agree nothing more lovely than sheets blowing in the summer wind. I also like to play around with my fabric, auditioning each piece for inclusion in my quilts. Have a great day.

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