Home repair 101

Polished timber floors with lots of grain and knots look great. But sometimes one of the knots falls out leaving the home exposed to nasties that lurk below. Or what is more likely, creating the black hole to which all sorts of import things like thimbles and gold coins will be drawn.

The chippy solution is to fill it with a piece of scrap and wood filler. This requires expertise and specialised materials resulting in something that does the job, but doesn’t look that great.

Here is the answer for the handy person with no special skills, tools or materials. Just use what is found in every home.


4 responses to “Home repair 101

  1. The cork one looks much better than the square peg version!

    I’m glad you specified that the whole bottle of bubbly should not be consumed before wielding the knife.

  2. Good excuse to open a bottle of whatever, clever idea.

  3. Good on you, Jeanette

  4. What a great idea. I like how you get the cork too.

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