Lulu and her kitten

This has been a one cat household for nearly two years and Tomkins needs some company. So after researching options I headed out to the Cat Protection Society where I met a quietly dignified very young mother with her boisterous kitten. They came home on Monday and have quickly settled into their new home, albeit restricted to the bathroom for the time being. Tomkins hasn’t met them yet, but he is aware that he has company and so far is not at all fussed.

I have named the tortoiseshell Lulu because it seems to suit her, and the tiny blue and cream tortoiseshell is Umeko, plum child.


Both are very playful, it is fun to watch them together, with Umeko copying her mother sometimes, and taking a lead at others. I suspect in no time at all she will have a mind of her own.

Enormous fun can be had will a small sparkly ball, but it is exhausting.


2 responses to “Lulu and her kitten

  1. Oh, wow! Two new members of the household! They are both beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Mum and her little one, love the colour of their fur. Pets bring so much pleasure to us, don’t they, we are not cat people but I could give them a cuddle.

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