Bustle in my hedgerow

Very exciting developments in my neighbourhood. I went to Warrandyte for the first time in a couple of months and there is a new tenant in the shops at the eastern end of town. At first I thought someone must have pinched the name, so I went in.

It really is Bustle and Bows formerly of Surrey Hills. It is the most beautiful embroidery shop, but it was a bit far away from me for classes, or even dropping in for threads and notions. Not to mention the difficulty driving there because of the boom gates, and most trains from my station express Surrey Hills. So I have not been a regular customer.

I feel that is going to change. Hope they do well, it is a great location, you can see the trees opposite reflected in the window; beyond them is the Yarra River. Having expressed my delight in the move I couldn’t resist a small purchase, a small piece of this handbag contents Liberty print. Fountain pen and ear buds of course.

A little further into town I spotted a real gem. It was almost as if Phryne had popped into the bar for a refreshing cocktail while Dot shopped for some threads and trims. It’s not the Hispano-Suiza but what fabulous colours.


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