Cool change

Heat wave conditions have made it far too hot to sew since the fifth clue for the En Provence mystery was released on Friday. Instead I did an early morning hunt through the garden for purple plants that were not showing when I did my survey earlier in the month.

My acanthus can be found below the buddleja, the delicate petals of the unusually shaped flowers glow in this shady spot. Fruit on my Satsuma Plum is beginning to ripen. It is a blood plum variety, so the flesh inside is a deep red to purple. There should be lots of fully ripe and juicy plums before this mystery is finished. The waterlily, the first for this summer; a reminder that there is supposed to be yellow in this quilt – perhaps next Friday.

I waited until the forecast cool change came through, late Monday afternoon. The plus 30 degrees slowly dropped, a little rain fell, the humidity rose. Still not sew comfortable. Besides the Christmas Special double of Dr Who followed by Call the Midwife was on the telly. Finally time to get this simple unit done. Checked the first one, perfect. img_4721Easy Angle ruler for cutting and Bloc Loc for trimming the dog ear make half square triangles a sinch. It wasn’t long before my completed squares were tumbling off the side of my ironing table into the basket below.img_4724

Here’s the link to see what all the other Quiltvillians are making of this clue.


2 responses to “Cool change

  1. Love the matching iron! Do you have a yellow or green one as well for when we get to those fabrics?

    Acanthus is quite beautiful when it flowers, isn’t it. I’ve never grown it, but now I’m thinking I might have to get some!

  2. I like your bright purple, lokks great.

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