A windy day

Another weather related post. It has been blowing about a lot today, making it very uncomfortable to be outside. It is also making a mess of the parts of the garden I have recently tidied up.

My jacaranda promised to have its best flower display ever. It is only a small tree but I had been beating the trunk with a stick occasionally during the spring, as I heard somewhere that this made it flower, perhaps it works. Then, just as the flowers were beginning to open, the wind has been blowing them off. A few bees were valiantly trying to get inside but the wind made that task very difficult.

Next it was the trees shedding their bark as they do at this time. The Angophora costata neatly  sheds in rectangles, splitting around the trunk and branches and well as up and down. The bark falls in a tidy pile at the base even when it is windy.

The Manna gum Eucalyptus viminalis on the other hand has great sheets of bark hanging from the trunk and every branch. They pitch about in the wind getting up speed and then fly off and spear into shrubs and trees, even those quite a distance away. As fast as these shards are cleared, more come flying down.

The wind also drys everything out, including Tomkins. He has decided that the water in the upper basin tastes best. The fish don’t seem to mind.

From a distance the jacaranda still has the characteristic haze of violet and the weather forecast says that the winds will be decreasing overnight, so maybe the worst of the damage is done.


2 responses to “A windy day

  1. It was a bit windy here, too, but for once I don’t think we lost any trees. Lots of trees down around Buninyong again. I hope today is calmer, too.

  2. Our driveway under the carport, is thick with bark from the neighbour’s trees.

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