Christmas at last

img_4811The seasonal celebration was delayed due to interstate travels but finally, today, the family enjoyed a lovely lunch hosted at my son’s house. A magnificent spread was laid before us, more than anyone could possibly eat, but that has to be the Christmas tradition. The menu was most suitable for the hot steamy weather and included a lot of home grown produce.

Presents were exchanged with everyone hitting the mark. I was treated to books, cute socks and a motive from my old purse repurposed as a keyring. How clever. There was even some fabric from Threadbear.

A storm thundered in during the afternoon, so it was a wet drive home, with most drivers behaving sensibly.

The best part of the day was over. The storm had resulted in 41mm of rain being dumped on my place in a short time. My gravel driveway could not cope. The gutters held up for most of the length but then the build up of leaves got stuck, and the water tore into the gravel sweeping it onto the road. Shovelling stones is not the type of gardening I had planned over the next week.

The gravel is supposed to end at the limit of the plant in front of the letterbox.

Inside there was some water too, it had blown in a couple of open windows, and one downpipe got blocked sending water into the downstairs toilet via the window frame. Fortunately only mopping needed to clear this up, although house gutter clearing is also on the must do chores list now.


4 responses to “Christmas at last

  1. Pleased you had a happy family day, love the Santa hat on top of the tree. Went out today, when we got home the tank was overflowing, we could certainly use some more rain down here.

  2. Oh dear, that was a bit too much rain! Glad you only had some mopping to do inside, but that gravel is going to take a bit of work to fix.

    Would you believe we got no rain at all here?

  3. The power of water never ceases to amaze

  4. Thanks for sharing your Christmas experience! I’d be interested in seeing the handbag repurposed as a keyring. We had rain, too, but not enough to melt all the snow. Keep moving forward.

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