A New Year a new colour

Mystery, week 6: At long last it is time to cut into green. How appropriate that this is happening on New Year’s day in the year of Greenery. The hourglass unit is supposed to be scrappy, so after calculating how much of each of my six, neutrals, lavenders and greens I would need to make an even mix, I spent far too long on combinations and permutations to ensure scrappiness. img_4829Ready for stitching the greens look a little subdued, that is because they are not showing their best side.

One day later they are finished. Had to show off my new quilt cover, my only Boxing Day sales purchase. Love all the pintucking, which looks good with no ironing – a must, only patchwork gets pressed.


Here is some garden greenery, the lotus is sending up its first flowers.

img_4845And Umeko thinks she could be an African Violet.img_4828

There is no Mystery Monday Link-up this week. Next week there should be lots of finished quilts to see because the final clue was published this morning. Better get a wriggle on.



3 responses to “A New Year a new colour

  1. Your greens are bright and lovely! Love the lotus, and that cute pretend African violet.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    Seeing it in the flesh yesterday, the colours are lovely. Umeko has incredible eyes, so big..

  3. Jenni Strachan

    Seeing your block yesterday, the colours are lovely. Umeko has incredible eyes, so big…..

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