Ready to assemble

Mystery week 7: The final clue was released on New Years Day along with the reveal of the whole quilt. reveal13It is a lovely design and I quickly made one block and some sashing. After much umming and ahhing I decided to make my version 3 blocks by 4 blocks. Full size is 4 x 4. As I had been making about half the required units each week, that meant a lot more had to be made.

Clue 7 is to make green/yellow/neutral hour glass units plus cut 3 1/2″ squares of yellow. Not so hard as it is much the same as clue 6 except now I am making 62 of these. The yellow squares feature in each block and Bonnie’s suggestion is to have sets of four, and a different fabric for each set. This meant finding 12 different yellows. Fortunately I had pulled out quite a lot at the beginning of the mystery.

I had run out of magenta, and needed more dark grey and purples to make the larger than planned quilt. These new fabrics need to be mixed in with the units I have already made before blocks can go together. So my week has involved a lot of cutting, sewing, pressing, sewing, trimming, counting, searching in every bag and box for suitable colours, counting again, and scrounging out the last bits of fabric. All executed in heat wave conditions. I would say difficultly level of 10.


Finally I am done. 193 extra units have been made and I am ready to put this baby together.


2 responses to “Ready to assemble

  1. That was a huge task! It took me a couple of days just to make the extra units to bring it up to 3 x 3.

    They all look lovely, ready to go when you are. It has cooled down considerably here this evening, hope it has for you too. Such a relief.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    Have fun piecing. Wonderful colours. I also have decided to do 3 x 4.

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