Clamshell solution

My carry around hand project for last year started in a Waverley Patchworkers workshop on 1 May with Irene Blanck. It is a very simple method of piecing clamshell units without paper backings. It has been quite addictive and I am really happy with the palette of hand dyes, hand painted and batik fabrics which have come mainly from my stash.img_5142I have been making panels of 6 across 8 rows down and so far have made seven of these. The usual way to make a clamshell quilt is to appliqué the curved edge to a border, cut off the pointed bottoms and trim the sides to a straight edge and add borders. While I have been stitching I have been trying to think of a way to join the panels so that top, bottom and both sides will all have a curved edge. img_5141I considered joining the panels with a mitre seam, but that would introduce straight lines. After playing around with the way the top and bottom panels might meet in the middle I decided that circles would be the way to link them. They are not to stand out, so I am using the same fabrics as the clams. First I made units with the same radius as the clams, then joined them in a quatrefoil with no overlapping, to be the centre of the quilt. This was done by appliquéing a fifth circle of the same size on the top.

The next step will be to make triangular panels of clams starting with a single one which will fit in-between the circles of the centre unit. Further circles will link these panels in a ridge capping style. Eventually the piece will be wide enough to incorporate the panels I have already made plus more triangle units and more panels. This is not going to be a small quilt!


3 responses to “Clamshell solution

  1. Sounds like a good solution. It also sounds like this carry around hand project will be this year’s as well as last year’s project!

  2. Great idea for a solution, love your fabrics.

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