Cutting off the loom

After many peaceful hours of practising weaving on my new loom I have reached the end. It is time to cut off the warp from the back warp stick, wind the finished cloth from the front roller and untie the knots from the front warp stick.

I have endeavoured to keep the edges straight and the weaving even, and on inspection it is looking pretty good. I think I have done most of the work; the loom was all set up when I bought it and the weaving started.

After knotting the fringing threads in bundles of four, a finishing wash and press was all that was needed. The washing causes the fibres to expand into the space around them. You might be able to see the difference.

I am really pleased with the finished rainbow scarf. It is light and soft and not a bit scratchy.

Now I have to read up on warping the loom and having a go for myself.


2 responses to “Cutting off the loom

  1. Lovely! It looks very even. And I think there is still lots of scarf-wearing weather ahead of us.

  2. Very nice, lovely colours.

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