The rigid heddle loom is direct warping, meaning that the loom is threaded at the same time as the warp is measured out. This apparently saves a lot of time. I read the instructions, watched a video just to make sure and had a go. It is really easy.

Step 1 is to anchor the loom, attach the warp thread to the back warp stick, pull a loop through the heddle slot and wind it around a peg placed the length of the warp away. Keep doing this until all the slots are filled.

Step 2 is to wind the warp onto the back roller, keeping the tension on the thread even and insert card between the threads as they wrap around the roller. Reasonably straight forward but some dexterity is required.

Step 3 is to cut the loops and then pull one thread from each slot through the adjoining hole in the heddle. The supplied hook makes this easy. Lulu as supervisor and wool aficionado made it quite difficult.

Step 4. The warp threads were then tied in bundles to the front warp stick. Tension checked to make sure it is even and final knot made. The colour stripes were formed as the yarn came off the ball, it is the Sidar Colourwheel I bought at the Quilt and Craft Show last week.

Now I am set to weave again.

This time I am using two shuttles and the same yarn as the warp. The first is filled with a dark grey and when the colour changed to mustard I filled the second shuttle. I am weaving two passes in grey, one in mustard to start and may change the sequence as the work progresses.



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